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White - White (CD) 
Renaissance 0630428025028 
Genre: Rock 
Recorded: 2006 
Released: 2006 
Neue All-Star Band um Alan White (Yes), Geoff Downs (Asia/Buggles/Yes), Karl Haug (Treason) & Kevin Currie (MerKaba). // What a breath of fresh air this album is. With most of the YES members solo projects starting to sound the same, it is so refreshing to hear this music from YES drummer Alan White's new band. This album has so much variety. Rockers 'New Day' and 'Sea of lies' start the album off with tons of energy. The bouncy 'Give Up Giving Up' and the carribean styled 'Mighty Love' lighten things up and get you tapping your toes or dancing around the room. The ballad-esque 'Dream Away' really does take you away to dreamland. It's a beautiful slow dancer as well. 'Crazy Believer' and 'Fate' show the complex rock Alan White would be well known for. Guitarist Karl Haug and vocalist Kevin Currie really shine on these two songs; namely Haug's slide work on 'Fate'. Rounding out the album is the powerful 'Loyal' and the Karl Haug piece 'Waterhole'. 'Loyal' reminds me so much of early Gabriel-era Genesis. In fact, Currie has Gabriel sounding characterisitics. It is definitely the most progressive piece on the album and really showcases keyboardist Geoff Downe's (ex-Yes, Asia, Buggles - remember ''Video Killed The Radio Star''?) brilliant contribution to this effort. This album has it all - great songs from a variety of influences, top notch musicianship (it definitely appears that Alan White has found a new rhythm section mate in bassist Steve Boyce - he sounds excellent), and legendary band members in Alan White and Geoff Downes. The songs are quite uplifting as well, both musically and lyrically. // Since bursting onto the world stage with John Lennon in the Plastic Ono Band at the ''Give Peace a Chance'' tour in Toronto, Alan White has developed a reputation as a musical innovator, both in his role as Yes drummer, and as a collaborator with the likes of George Harrison and Joe Cocker. As an important contributing songwriter, Alan has helped take Yes to great heights with radio hits such as 'Owner of a Lonely Heart,' 'Changes,' 'Love Will Find a Way,' 'The Rhythm of Love,' 'Wondrous Stories,' 'Tempus Fugit,' 'Leave It,' 'The Calling', and 'In the Presence Of.' His latest musical project is the group White, a brand-new vehicle for cutting-edge, progressive modern music performed with a world-class band. Kevin Currie provides soulful, touching lyrics delivered with the gravitas of Peter Gabriel and Don Henley; Steve Boyce holds down the bottom end with a dance-inducing groove and soaring vocal support; Karl Haug truly is a master guitarist, equally comfortable on delicate acoustic, driving electric and searing electric laptop slide; Geoff Downes, founding member of the Buggles & Asia (as well as time in Yes ), ties the resulting soundscape together with punchy Hammond organ work, exhilarating orchestrations, and scorching solos. Steeped in sonic variety, White evokes an emotional response from its audience certain to build a strong word-of-mouth buzz. Folge Hurricane Recordss Pinnwand ?YES? auf Pinterest.  
15.99 EUR